Change comment style in css

Im working with vue and have scss installed.

At the moment, in the style section of the vue files, when i press cmd+/ to comment, it comments "//" instead of css specific commenting.

How do i change that ?

Thank you


Could you explain what you mean by css specific commenting? "//" is a valid CSS comments style


You are right, it is my mistake, I was thinking of /* */, and I thought "//" comment types did not work, but it was because I made a mistake, where I commented css with //, and I thought it didnt work, but it does.


Sorry to necrobump Elena Pogorelova, but if I'm not mistaken the ‘//’ is not a valid css comment (but its accepted by preprocessors)


Mihaileanu Bogdan You change the comment style in 
Settings > Editor > Code Style > Style Sheets > CSS > PostCSS tab > Line comment style