Settings Repository: How do I only share some settings?

I would like to use the Settings Repository plugin to share IDE settings between my team members, but I do not want to share all settings. For example, I would like team members to be able to use their own settings for everything except code styles (e.g. color theme, and so on). How do I use the Settings Repository to share only code style?

I have tried deleting every setting from the settings repository except code style, but when I overwrite my local settings from the repository, every settings is overwritten (back to what I'm assuming is the default setting). I have also tried not setting a main settings repository and only having a read-only settings repository containing just code style. However, "merging" the settings (VCS > Sync Settings > Merge) seems to do nothing; local modifications to the code style are not corrected back to the style defined by the settings repository.

Am I trying to do something that's not possible, or can I use a settings repository to share some settings between my team members?