Helm file alternative values.yaml


We tend to have a fair number of different values files for all the environments we deploy into. As a result we don't have a 'values.yaml' file. This means that there is no completion in Helm charts by IntelliJ. Is there a way to use an alternative file to 'values.yaml'?


Hi Charles,

Not at the moment I'm afraid, but you can vote for IDEA-200718. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

I also linked this post to the YouTrack ticket thread for the developers' reference.


Charles Wise

Recent feedback from the dev team on this:

Currently there is no way to configure the plugin to get values from files other than values.yaml, especially when there are many of them in a chart. We are still uncertain about how to implement such a feature in an elegant way. If you have a vision of how the plugin could handle your case, we would appreciate it if you shared your thoughts with us.


This is a super common situation. It’s only in the simplest case where you have a single values.yam file. Most situations will have multiple environments, eg dev and prod. Minimally I’d expect to be able to pick one file as the values file for coding. Even better would be validating the values files, eg if a config value is in one but not others. And provide a consolidated view of all the values files. Yes, I know this is ugly, but that’s how helm works.