How to enable auto update feature which are in our custom plugin repository


Hi team,

We have developed a Plugin and deployed in our own repository and added the plugin url( to updatePlugins.xml file and we have given the url ( of updatePlugins.xml to the users. Everyone able to install and work with the plugin.


Later then we have added new functionalities to the plugin and now the current url is We have updated this url in the same updatePlugins.xml file which is located at

By default, Intellij will check updates for every 24hrs...So I just seen next day in my system whether the plugin got updated or not.
Just the Plugin name has been updated means i am able to see it is pointing to the 2nd version ( but the functionalities hasn't been  updated. 

Later I unistalled the plugin and installed then it is taking the new functionalities but I dont want this, It should automatically update.

I have tried in 2 to 3 different systems but the result is the same.

Please help me to achieve the auto update feature for my plugin.

Sai Nikhil


We have the same problem,Is there a solution?



Please double check your custom XML conforms exactly as described here

If it still doesn't want, please create issue here and attach your XML and specify exact IDE environment to reproduce. Thanks.