Using docker-compose interpreter on \\wsl$\ project (Windows)

In windows I can open a project on \\wsl$\ path and can work on the code without any problems using PyCharm + PyCharm automatically gives me a linux bash in the terminal from where I can run my docker-compose services with WSL2 integration which is nice. For debugging I would like to use PyCharm. I know that I can not benefit from docker WSL2 integration when doing so since it is not supported by PyCharm, but I don't mind, because I do not need to debug that often. However, when trying to run a configuration using the docker-compose interpreter Docker fails with:

Invalid interpolation format for "volumes" option in service "xxx": "//wsl$/Ubuntu-20.04/home/user/xxx:/opt/project:rw"

Ofc this is because PyCharm by default tries to mount the project path to `/opt/project`. Since the absolute path is provided and seemingly is not correctly escaped ("\\wsl$\" should be escaped using "\\wsl$$\") Docker returns this error. 

As far as I know I can not provide the default mounting by my self to add correct escaping??

Are there any other "workarounds"?

Eventually it would be nice if this would get fixed.


I can confirm that with newest Intellij and Docker I get exactly the same error! Is there any fix?


Experiencing the same issue


Hi all, 

There are significant changes expected in one of the future releases in WSL workflow, please follow up for the ticket  in order to be updated on implementation. 


Antonina Belianskaya - wrong URL:  -"404 Nope, can't find it!"


6 months later with 2021.1.1 still not fixed


Está dando esse erro quando tendo usar o depurador




Nicolo Gasparini I am wondering what exactly does not work? 


Brenda Mendes, what version of the IDE you are running? 


Please submit an issue at  for a further investigation. 


The issue already exists and what's not working is a docker interpreter with files inside wsl storage


For those who might be interested I have created a small tool which I use to replace the erroneous paths in the generated tmp docker-compose.yml files.