FormattingModelBuilder.createModel scheduled for removal


The Intellij Plugin Verifier told me that my plugin uses an API that is scheduled for removal in 2021.1:

  • FormattingModelBuilder.createModel(...) (1) (scheduled for removal in 2021.1)

How can I replace this code?  I could not find any information how to write the FormattingModelBuilding without this method.


Great to see this info... I love to watch this.


This is an older thread, but I just came across the very same notification, and the actual challenge I see is:

How to further support IDE versions before 2020.3, as the required FormattingContext was also just introduced back then? A time window of just one major release for deprecation+removal is pretty unusual, isn't it?


By having different plugin versions for different IDE releases.

For one release API may be deprecated and removed in the next one. In real world it's complicated and depends on many different things, so there is nothing in stone.