How to run/debug compojure web app via counterclockwise (or la clojure)

Here's a recipe that's work great for me while developing Ring applications:

  • Ensure you have leiningen support properly configured for your projet (do it once if in doubt):
    • in the package explorer, select the project, and invoke the contextual command Leiningen > Reset configuration
    • then also invoke the Leiningen > Update dependencies command
    • you should see a Leiningen Dependencies virtual node in your project, referencing the direct and transitive dependencies of your project
  • Select the asdf.handler file, right click and then Debug as > Clojure Application
  • Open the asdf.handler namespace in an editor
  • With the cursor currently still in the editor, type Ctrl+Alt+N to jump to the REPL and switch the REPL's current namespace to asdf.handler at the same time
  • Start the app by typing (app) + Enter (or Ctrl+Enter if your cursor is not at the end of the line)

You can now navigate between the editors and the REPL.

  • To send editor content to the REPL, select it, and hit Ctrl+Enter
  • If you hit Ctrl+Enter without a selection, the whole 'top level expression' (e.g. a defn) will be sent to the REPL
  • To resend the whole file to the REPL, type Ctrl+Alt+S

Note that a future version of Counterclockwise will integrate a little bit more with Leiningen 2, but as it currently stands, the very nature of developing ring applications make it not so painful to bootstrap things as described above, IMHO.




One Vanilla


Everything looks perfect to Debug a web app, if you allow me so I want become a web app debug tester by implementing it on GB instagram app!