Creating an executable jar with groovy script

I have a groovy script Automate.groovy. The script does not have a class definition or a main method. I am looking for the simplest way to create a jar containing the script. I tried compiling the groovy script using the following command:

groovyc Automate.groovy

I also have a Manifest file manifest-addition.txt that specifies the main class

Main-Class: Automate

And I created the jar using the command:

jar cvfm Automate.jar mainfest-addition.txt *.class

This gave me a jar with Automate.class and Automate$1.class and a Manifest file with the Main class. But when I tried to run the jar using java -jar Automate.jar I always get the error

cannot find or load main class Automate.

What am I doing wrong here?

There should be a simple way like this to create the 





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Groovy scripts are nice - they allow to use dependencies and write logic in small single file, but Groovy is mostly available on developers machine, but not on servers, so deploying them is a little more tricky. You can package them in uberjar with Gradle, but it requires additional build file and compatible structure, so it is more like project than script already.




You should go for alternative way to make the groovy script functional. You could also find some information from the online platform regarding your issues. NSFW tiktok