Bitbucket Add-on in Clojure!

One the most exciting things about the Atlassian Connect add-on framework, for me at least, is that it removes the need to create add-ons in the language of the hosting application. With the recent release of Bitbucket support for Connect we now have the ability to not only extend Bitbucket in any way we see fit, but to also do it in whatever language or framework we desire. This opens us up to developing for Atlassian products in Haskell, Scala, Node.js, or anything else that supports the basic protocols of the web.

Personally I'm rather fond of Clojure, so when we wanted to produce a Docker Hub add-on for Bitbucket that was the technology I chose. But as this was the first Bitbucket Connect add-on written in Clojure I chose to port Tim Pettersen'sexample NodeJS Connect project first to work out any issues. This turned out to be a very useful process, so I thought I'd share it here in a series of posts.

Note: To streamline things I'm going to assume you already have basic knowledge of Clojure development. In particular I'll assume you already have a development environment of choice; this allows me to skip the details of working with Emacs/Cider, Vim/Fireplace, La Clojure, Cursive, etc. I'll leave that up to you. But other than that I'll introduce the fundamental components of a Clojure web-stack from the ground up.



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