dependencies of AbstractProjectTask are being executed in parallel with owner



What is a proper way of implementation of AbstractProjectTask with dependencies task ? 
As currently it seems like ProjectTaskManagerImpl executes dependencies in parallel with task. 
In particular my task depends on ProjectTaskManager.getInstance(project).createModulesBuildTask



Hi Demyan,

Can you elaborate on the usecase? What are you trying to achieve?


Hi Vladislav,

The goal is to have project built (not just compiled) that should invoke all used plugins that might generate additional classes (such as dagger). 
And then process received classes (its actually .class to native compilation as part of RoboVM).
So I've implemented own AbstractBuildTask implementation that  passes dependency  on ProjectTaskManager.getInstance(project).createModulesBuildTask(module)

The issue is that ProjectTaskManager builds dependency and my task in parallel. 


I see, thanks for the use-case description. The tasks coming from `AbstractProjectTask#getDependsOn` api are not handled somehow separately and hence can be run in parallel. It has not been exposed yet via public interface (just reserved for future use), sorry for the confusion.

I've created the feature request at