Global Environment


In general is there a way to use access environment variables when paths need to be configured, something like $PROJECT_DIR$ ?

For example: In Settings > "Languages & Frameworks" > Dart I'm asked to enter the "Dart SDK path", what I'd like to do is set a "Global environment variabe", for instance in a shell script "export DART_SDK=/opt/dartsdk", and then in "Dart SDK path" enter: $DART_SDK$, or some such. Is this possible?

This type of feature is needed so that when I commit .idea/libraries/Dart_SDK.xml into a git repo and someone else checks it out will very likely have the dart-sdk installed at a different location so this needs to be a "variable" not hard-coded to a specific path.




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In Windows 8, the fastest navigation to change environment and user system variables is to use search. <kbd> Win </ kbd> + <kbd> W </ kbd> brings search for all settings of geometry dash. Search envand the required options are listed