Intellij WSL2 feature roadmap


First off, fantastic work on the new WSL2 integration in the latest beta -

I'm assuming the features being added will allow Intellij running on windows to interact with a WSL2 installation in a number of ways:

  • Editing sourcecode checked out on Git (already implemented)
  • Executing maven / gradle on WSL2 installations
  • Running / Debugging Java processes (e.g. Spring Boot applications) within the WSL2 installation
  • Integrating the [services] docker plugin to connect to the docker host within the WSL2 installation, allowing running commands / operations on containers, viewing logs etc

Is this somewhat close to the WSL roadmap for this EAP?  This would finally allow me to retire virtualbox / vmware for Java development in windows!


You know you can run the Jetbrains tools directly on the WSL2 instance right? For me, that works even better. That way, everything is running on Linux, including the IDE. No integration required.