File Watcher does not execute

I know there are several issues similar to this here. Sadly not one of them could help me solve my issue.

I want to process a specific scss file when it changes idealy before the main sass call happens. The processing is done using a small ECMAScript. This script doesn't get executed (No Error is shown; with the real script the output file is not generated) even if I "Run File Watchers" the file.

Minimal not Working Example: (node via PATH doesn't work either; Working Directory is $FileDir$)


The script used to verify file change not working

The file watchers menu:


Thank you for your time


Must be

Instead of passing -e "" to node.js, put your ECMAScript code in a .js file and pass this .js file to Node.js in file watcher arguments - does it help?


Elena Pogorelova That sounds like it could be the culprit. But it does not seem to be the only one. Apparently a scope like the one i used doesn't work either?

Had to hard code the paths i use but now it works at least. (Using a scope that recursively included the parent folder + the load script from file thing worked)

Thank you Elena Pogorelova