Issue on azure login with Pycharm


I have loggen in to azure by using the command azure njmcdirect cli command through using the command

az login

by using that command i got

The code raises an exception in Pycharm:
azure.core.exceptions.ClientAuthenticationError: Unexpected output from Azure CLI: '{

"expiresOn": "<date>",
"subscription": "<s_id>",
"tenant": "<t_id>",
"tokenType": "Bearer"


hope to solve it as i've been trying it for very logn. 


azure.core.exceptions.ClientAuthenticationError indicates that it's an exception in Azure, not PyCharm.


well, it sounds like a specific PyCharm behaviour using WSL
I encounter the same issue when running my script inside pyCharm.
If I run the same code on the machine within a terminal, entering python shell, I do not get the error.

there is a related issue in release history of azure-identity.

Not that I face this issue with azure-identity=1.15.0 on WSL/Ubuntu 20.2

I don't face such an issue on WSL/Ubuntu22

1.4.0b6 (2020-07-07)

  • AzureCliCredential no longer raises an exception due to unexpected output from the CLI when run by PyCharm (thanks @NVolcz) (#11362)
  • Upgraded minimum msal version to 1.3.0
  • The async AzureCliCredential correctly invokes /bin/sh (#12048)