Reasons for moving to Intellij IDEA Ultimate from PyCharm?


I've been using PyCharm and DataGrip for years now and absolutely love both platforms. After getting deeper into Pycharm's database tools, I see no need for DataGrip anymore. It led me to look into all of the Jetbrains IDEs and wonder, "Which is the best for me?"

I've since landed on evaluating PyCharm features over Intellij IDEA Ultimate. I code mostly in official website Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, some bash, and that is about it. Why would I switch over to Intellij, especially when it is almost twice the price?


Lightweight products such as PyCharm and DataGrip have limited functionality while IntelliJ IDEA supports most technologies in one IDE. See to learn more about what technologies IntelliJ supports.

If PyCharm is completely suitable for your tasks, there is no need to buy IntelliJ IDEA. But if you are planning to extend the technology stack, e.g. write in Java, Kotlin, IntelliJ is a good solution.


Don't buy either, buy the pack of all the tools. Then you can use whichever you like for the task at hand. If you're a professional developer, spend the few extra dollars on the tools you want to use. If you're doing nothing but database work, use DataGrip. If you're deep into a Python app, use PyCharm. Need to work on a Node.js app? Fire up WebStorm. Or, if you prefer, just buy IntelliJ and use just that. The benefit to me is that the smaller tools are lighter weight and are _focused_. For me, that's worth a few extra dollars.