Kotlin: Unresolved reference: jetbrains



I installed IntelliJ IDE Community to create a TeamCity build configuration using Kotlin. However, when I build the .teamcity folder, IntelliJ keeps throwing multiple errors one of which is "Kotlin: Unresolved reference: jetbrains". How do I get IntelliJ to resolve all the jetbrains references used in the import statements above? I'm guessing once it pulls those packages, it should resolve all other errors, too.




Could you please open the side Maven panel in IDEA (by default on the right), then click the Reload All Maven Projects action in the panel. If that doesn't help, go to File > Invalidate caches... > tick the checkboxes to clear all caches > Invalidate and Restart.

If the issue is still there, try to run the following commands in the .teamcity folder. Please note, Maven has to be installed on your machine, and the path to mvn executable's dir added to your account's PATH variable.

mvn dependency:purge-local-repository
mvn clean compile

If that still doesn't help, try purging the <user_home>/.m2 folder and running the commands above. If that doesn't resolve the issue either, would you be able to provide the content of the pom.xml file the output of mvn clean compile -X?



Thanks, Anatoly. Reload all maven projects helped. 


Hello, I am dealing with the same problem actually.