Feature Request: filter database objects on typing instead of just highlighting


not too sure what to call it so searching for it was a bit of a miss affair. 

i deal with large databases (lots of tables and lots of views - thousands). 1 of the cool things that dbeaver had was i could type a part of a word and it would filter all the tables / views / to those that contain the string (exactly like datagrip does but instead of just highlighting the "hits" with yellow to hide the ones that dont match. 

i also really like the "persistant" search in "just about every other db tool ive used" like just trying to get a screenshot of what im searching for in datagrip as soon as i click out of it it unhides the highlighted ones and looses the term



searching for the same term in datagrip:

(i like the fuzzy searching but defs want a persistant search box (that remembers what you last searched for))

(i had to actually print screen and paste it in a graphics program just to get this screenshot cause clicking away from datagrip = loosing your searched for highlighted things ^%$@)


closest other post i found was maybe this 1 https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000766344-Feature-Request-filter-objects-by-name but isnt that sort of a when you setup the connection you specify the "filter" thing instead of while you working with a connected db type thing. 


Yeah William, that would be very handy.

What you can do in the meanwhile is do the highlighting typing and than jump to the next highlighted item with cursor-up or cursor-down.


yeah i find my way around but its annoying as f the current way. its taken me about 3 months of using datagrip to finally come up and make this post cause i simply thought i was missing an option somewhere. there is no ways that they wouldn't have something like this in right :P 


Yes, it's kinda problem. Could you drop a comment or vote for the issue DBE-2716?


Not only this. Also: 1. Leave search/filter textbox always visible, not only when user is typing; 2. Do NOT search for terms that were NOT entered by user, i.e. if I type 'aaabbb' then both 'aaabbb' and 'aaa_bbb' are found, which in MySql are quite different things ... (Or is it that underscore is treated as nonexistent (skipped)? Where would be the option to turn it off?) Thank you in advance, best regards -


Thought I was going insane.

How on earth did Jetbrains miss this. You are selling a premium product and then basic functions that's available in Mysql workbench and DB beaver isn't here.