What is the Default File Type for Jenkinsfile in Pycharm

I understand how to change default file type associations for formatting in pycharm.

What I don't know is what file is associated with Jenkinsfile files.

I can't find an entry for it, but it's clearly formatting stuff for me. I'd like to change its tabs / associate other files with it. I would have thought yaml or groovy but the first is wrong and the second isn't an option.

Thanks for any help!



Jenkinsfile uses groovy syntax, and it's managed by TextMate Bundles

You can modify the settings for groovy bundle by editing <IDE_HOME>/plugins/textmate/lib/bundles/groovy/package.json

Settings related to file pattern:

      "extensions": [".groovy", ".gvy", ".gradle", ".jenkinsfile", ".nf"],
"filenames": [ "Jenkinsfile" ],
"filenamePatterns": ["Jenkinsfile.*"],
"firstLine": "^#!.*\\bgroovy\\b",
"configuration": "./language-configuration.json"

This is great, but is it possible to add "Groovy" or "Jenkinsfile" as a recognized file types?


Gabenovstan My previous comment explains just that. You can add any file name/extension/pattern to the desired TextMate bundle.


Hello, nice tip thanks. Problem is although I have the textmate bundles installed and enabled I have no <IDE_HOME>/plugins/textmate folder. I can create it but then I don't know which structure is supposed to have the whole file, I cannot just use the snippet. Where can I find a complete file for reference ? Or am I missing soomething ? Thanks 


Do you have a plugin directory there?

If not, how was PyCharm installed initially? 


Hey. Yes I have the plugins directory. I have installed pycharm using the DMG provided by Jetbrains.

➜  plugins pwd
/Users/bigjohn/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/PyCharm2023.2/plugins
➜  plugins ls
IdeaVIM-2.6.3         clouds-docker-gateway space
Oh, sorry for the confusion, is a PyCharm installation directory. 
For MacOS, it should be something like this: /Applications/Pycharm.app/Contents/plugins/.

Thanks, so now I can find the file here: /Applications/PyCharm.app/Contents/plugins/textmate/lib/bundles/groovy/package.json

I suppose there is a folder for user plugin and a folder for internal plugins. Anyway, my file contains (extract):

  1     "languages": [
  2       {
  3         "id": "groovy",
  4         "aliases": [
  5           "Groovy",
  6           "groovy"
  7         ],
  8         "extensions": [
  9           ".groovy",
 10           ".gvy",
 11           ".gradle",
 12           ".jenkinsfile",
 13           ".nf"
 14         ],
 15         "filenames": [
 16           "Jenkinsfile"
 17         ],
 18         "filenamePatterns": [
 19           "Jenkinsfile*"
 20         ],
 21         "firstLine": "^#!.*\\bgroovy\\b",
 22         "configuration": "./language-configuration.json"
 23       }
 24     ],

And my files are named `Jenkinsfile-build`, `Jenkinsfile-toto` and there is no syntax highlightning in the application.

I have checked that the groovy texmate bundle is activated in the settings and it is.

What do I miss ?

BTW I have also tested “Jenkinsfile.*” for the pattern and restarted Pycharm but I did not help.


Hello Bigjohnaumic ,

We have the issue related to Jenkinsfile: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-327196

Can you please check if this fix can help you? The fix is available in 2023.3 Beta version.