Setting "Commit automatically on cherry-pick" disappeared in 2021.2 Beta 2


I would like to disable automatic commit after cherry-pick in 2021.2 Beta 2.

It worked in 2021.1 through the setting "Commit automatically on cherry-pick" but I couldn't find this option in 2021.2 Beta 2.

Is it possible in 2021.2?


Hello Eugenex9

"Commit automatically on cherry-pick" has been set to true since 2021.2 and the option has been removed from settings.
If you would like to have an option to specify commit message after cherry pick, then you may use "Cherry-pick selected changes" in "Commit details"  (on a right side from a log)


I'm also missing this setting in 2021.2.

I don't understand why someone removes a well-performing setting, without a reason...


Also missing this feature, Good thing I didn't update to 2021.2 yet. Please bring it back !


Why was this feature removed?


Is disabling this behavior still not possible?


This is stupid. Why remove a useful feature that was already built??

I have always used Cherry-Pick for testing code, but am now forced to use Sourcetree instead. 😑


I don't understand this trend of so many companies removing features. Seems many companies are doing this the last 2-3 years.

This is frustrating. When we want to commit to a locked branch, we want to include a reference # to an approval in the commit message. But we can't because it commits automatically.

Very frustrating.

Permanently deleted user

Same here.

We use Gerrit for Code-Review and need to remove the Change-ID reference from the commit message when cherry-picking.

We would also like to let the IDE generate the "cherry-picked from" reference.

Both is not possible right now.

Very annoying.