Every Identifier is grayed out when a file is opened in 2021.2


What's happening?

After updating to IntelliJ 2021.2 all identifiers are grayed out, I have tried 3 different Color Schemes that change identifiers' color (precisely in Java), and this is the result:

Every variable, class, and used method is just gray. Which is not what is set inside of the Color Scheme:

This is also the case with new projects:


Expected behavior (screenshots from IntelliJ 2021.1.3):

The new project re-opened inside of IntelliJ 2021.1.3:


I have been searching for a similar issue inside of YouTrack, but couldn't find anything. Is this an issue on my end or something I should report?


Color Scheme for reference: https://gist.github.com/AlexDicy/45966f5677170057e2c263e04ea6a8d0

ideal.log Upload id: 2021_08_03_5cEekrMSbRCLLe9L