IntelliJ Scala plugin CPU Usage

I'm curious if anyone else has run into this. For work we have a large Gradle project. Without the Scala plugin my activity monitor shows

30.3 <Process total CPU usage>

8.5 <JIT compiler>

3.5 <infrastructure: AWT-AppKit>

3.4 <unidentified: UI thread>

1.5 <Activity Monitor>

0.6 <unidentified: Java2D Queue Flusher>


but with the Scala plugin enabled, it shows

890.8 <Process total CPU usage>

122.0 Plugin Scala: scala.lang.psi.stubs.index (in org.jetbrains.plugins)

107.0 <JIT compiler>

71.6 <unidentified: JobScheduler FJ pool>

52.3 it.unimi.dsi.fastutil.ints

35.2 module.impl.scopes (in com.intellij.openapi)

30.3 grazie.speller.utils (in com.intellij)

27.2 grazie.speller.lists.packed (in com.intellij)


This is when the IDE is seemingly idle. I can leave it open for hours with no improvement.



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