JarFileSystem.getInstance().getJarRootForLocalFile() returns null in test


I have a test for my plugin, based on LightJavaCodeInsightFixtureTestCase.

I set it up using 

PsiFile[] psiFiles = myFixture.configureByFiles("module/src/main/java/TestObject.java", "pom.xml");

And later on I search for the Jar file (It's in the library list for the real project, but in the test - it looks like it is not in the library list) like that:

VirtualFile extFolder = FilenameIndex.getVirtualFilesByName(project, "ext", GlobalSearchScope.projectScope(project)).stream().findAny().orElse(null);
VirtualFile fileJarContent = extFolder.findFileByRelativePath("libs/1.1.1/jars/content-file-1.1.1.jar");
VirtualFile jarRootForLocalFile = JarFileSystem.getInstance().getJarRootForLocalFile(fileJarContent);

When plugin runs in the real IDE - jarRootForLocalFile is resolved and I can later use the function:


However in the plugin test - it is not resolved and returns null.

How to let JarFileSystem aware of this file and enforce it to resolve the file as JAR file, parsing it's content?


In light tests, TempFileSystem is used. Something along these lines should make it work:

VF vf =  ApplicationManager.getApplication().isUnitTestMode() ?
TempFileSystem.getInstance().findFileByPath(path) : [regular way]


I can find the VirtualFile. It's method .exists() returns true.

But I need to get access to this file as Jar file, with all the content.

The problem is that

VirtualFile jarRootForLocalFile = JarFileSystem.getInstance().getJarRootForLocalFile(fileJarContent);

returns jarRootForLocalFile==null for the existing virtual file


Please try VfsUtilCore.findRelativeFile("path/file.xml", jarRoot) instead of findFileByRelativePath()


Tried. Still null.

Here is an example project I created : https://github.com/Gorbush/intellij-plugin-jar-read-in-test

What I have noticed is that the problem arise when we trying to resolve the JAR file in the Temp filesystem.

This will work - as it uses full real filesystem path:

//// Get content from Jar using VirtualFile
File realJarFile = new File("test-root/lib/commons-lang3-3.10.jar");
VirtualFile jarRootForLocalFile = VfsImplUtil.findFileByPath(JarFileSystem.getInstance(), realJarFile.getAbsolutePath()+"!/");

But if I try to resolve JAR using the relative VF received from TempFileSystem - it returns null.

vfJarFile = TempFileSystem.getInstance().findFileByPath("///src").findFileByRelativePath(JAR_PATH);

Or attempt to resolve the content using the TempFileSystem itself:

VfsImplUtil.findFileByPath(TempFileSystem.getInstance(), realJarFile.getAbsolutePath()+"!/");






I think that issue is here.

We retrieve the path of the file using temp file system. But then - trying to resolve it using JarFileSystem. This will not work - as JarFileSystem is not aware of the TempFileSystem root and virtual files created for the project simulation of the Test.




knows on how to work with prefixes file:/// , jar:file:/  and knows about .jar!  marker, however it's not aware of the temp:// filesystem.


Unfortunately it will not work in TempFS. Please try changing your test to "heavy" test to use real filesystem.