vcpkg - Header files not recognized



My setup is CLion 2020.1.3, WSL2 toolchain and vcpkg. I am building a header-only library and some Catch2 tests. I have included


in my CMake profile and I can successfully build the project. However, I see red squigglies under all includes in my header file. My project structure and the header file is attached. I have tried Reset Cache and Reload, Unload CMake and then re-load and also resync with remote hosts, nothing seems to work.

Thank you.


I had to use vcpkg lib yesterday, this was my flow >


find_package(libzippp REQUIRED)

Hi Suhas Ghorpadkar!

I assume the problems are related to the fact that CLion can't handle interface libraries properly - Please see the last comment in the issue for more details.

Feel free to comment or upvote the issue. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.