Missing window controls

In 2021.3 Beta I'm missing the window controls (minimise, maximise) when using IDEA with X410 as a remote X Server on windows.  Where is the option to always display the Window title bar?


For future reference this turned out to be a Windows layout issue (possibly related to me sometimes using WSLg and sometimes X410): the window was 'maximized' out of the screen bounds. With only the menu bar visible it looked a bit like the 'slim' representation on Linux Desktop where the window controls can be 'stacked' into the menu bar, so i thought this was what was happening but that the controls were missing. In fact the window controls were in the normal Windows title bar where they should be, just it was off the top of the screen.

As with all these 'size' problems on Windows, it can be fixed by right clicking on the Windows task bar icon for IDEA, clicking `Move`, then pressing an arrow key which will pull the title bar back on screen where you can interact with it normally.