Use firefox instead of chrome ?

When I try to run html code, the IDE request Chrome, which I do not have.
Can I configure the IDE so it can work with Firefox, and debug with Firefox ?


No, you can't. Debugging is only supported in Chrome and browsers of the Chrome family, as it's stated in Help. So, when you start the app with the debug configuration, the IDE will try to open Chrome.

We used to support Firefox Remote Debugging (but without source maps) through the FireFox Remote run configuration, but our solution doesn't work in the latest Firefox versions due to changes in the protocol, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix it. We've made some progress recently, but there are still some blocking issues

If you don't need to debug your application and just like to preview your page in FireFox, try using the browser bar in editor upper right corner to open the page in the browser of your choice