Rainbow Brackets plugin not working for me

well i have been using jetbrains IDEs from the time i started programming and i found this cool plugin called Rainbow Brackets
when i installed it, it worked fine and good, i really like it, but i have a problem
it only works on some of my IDES (only pycharm and WebStorm to be exact, and only the brackets work not the font color) and others just dont work, its like it dont even exist, i tried everything and its not working
if it helps i used to have the "settings cannot be saved" error too now its gone but the plugin is not working
it used to work when the error was still there and even after it but it dont work now

if the coloured font is another thing plz tell me that would be helpful

heres a screenshot from how it looks in pycharm:   (the font color is not showing and its like this in pycharm only others are nothing)