Importing base-class when sub-class already present

Hi guys, I have the following issue that's kinda bugging me.


IDE: AndroidStudio



I have the following import: import android.opengl.GLES32.* so that I can use OpenGL ES functions (which are all static) without having to prefix them with GLES32. . The problem is that whenever I use the IDE's autocomplete functionality it imports GLES20 or GLES30 and I end up with GLES20.glGetError(), which is really annoying. (GLES32 is a subclass of GLES30, which is a subclass of  GLES20 ...)


Is there a settings menu where I could possibly alter this behavior?


PS: The above happens for Kotlin files, but not for Java files. So I guess this is an issue related to the Kotlin plugin?