What's going on with integrating Markdown plugin with everything?

It seems that Jetbrains is force-integrating their markdown plugin into their other plugins. In doing so, they've chased out the absolutely best markdown plugin anywhere on the market.


I've been in this game a very, very long time. I saw what happened with Microsoft force-integrated internet explorer 3 in every piece of software they had.  I've seen other companies do the same with other software, and it never, ever benefited end-users.  In this case, the result is Jetbrains has made it near-impossible for large teams to effectively manage github versioned markdown documentation.  The Jetbrains markdown plugin is a fisher-price toy compared to Markdown Navigator, and without the robust support for tables of content, auto-table formatting, and all the other features, you've made part of my job suck by forcing Mr. Schneider out of the plugin market.

I work for Comcast and I set and manage the documentation standards for hundreds of projects. This note from the Markdown Navigator dev made me angry enough to comment here, since this is really going to affect a lot of what I do. Anyone in Jetbrains want to comment on this?