JavaFX - JDK17: building artifacts


In the last 3 days, I've been trying to build the artifacts of a JavaFX application, without success. Below a few specs of the system I am working with:

- IntelliJ 2021.3.1 Build #IC-213.6461.79 (CE)

- Fedora 35

- JDK 17

After some research, it is my understanding that at present, building JavaFX artifacts is problematic at best. I have looked for and tried a number of solutions but none worked and most are probably outdated. Below two issues I stumbled upon when trying to build the artifacts:

1) Going through File -> Project Structure -> Artifacts -> JavaFX Applications simply does not work. This due to the "Can't build artifact - fx:deploy is not available in this JDK" problem.


This is the closest thing I saw to a solution regarding point 1. Unfortunately it does not work for me, and this leads to issue no.2.

The response to that post basically suggests to go through File -> Project Structure -> Artifacts -> "+" -> JAR -> from module with dependancies checking copy to the output directory and link via Manifest.

I follow it but once I get the artifacts, when running java -jar jarfile all I get is a

Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile

Please note that I followed everything that is recommended in that post. I am clueless on what to do exactly here, any help on this would be really appreciated.


Stefano C.

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Hi Stefano,

Try moving the entire META-INF directory with your MANIFEST.MF file to the resources directory, and then re-building the artifact.

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Arina mam, thank you so much.

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META-INF directory and MANIFEST.MF file are already in the resources directory and I have the same problem.

When I try this and run my executable jar from the command line it gives an error that:

Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application


Any help ??