How does the SBT version suggestions work?


In the there is a sbt.version property. I have "Allow overriding sbt version" turned on. When importing project with version 1.5.3. IntelliJ suggests that there is newer version 1.5.8, which is the last of 1.5.x. This sounds reasonable for me. However when I choose version 1.6.0 IntelliJ does not suggest the newest version, which is at this moment 1.6.2. Also the IntelliSense sees the 1.6.0 as the latest.

So first, is it correct it is only suggesting the latest minor version?

And how does the mechanism of getting know of the latest version works in general?


Thank you!


The "latest override version" is hardcoded, so that it will not do an override with a completely untested version. The intent of this mechanism was to "fix" some compatibility bugs with older sbt versions and the integrated sbt shell. Since those bugs are long in the past by now, and the auto-upgrade causes problems for some users, we may disable it by default in coming releases.


That makes perfect sense. Thank you!