Choose which schema a query is written against?

I have a project that uses two databases. When I write a query against the second database, Pycharm complains that it can't resolve tables and fields that I've written into the query. When I do Alt+Enter on the offending query, one of the link options is "Choose Schema" but it doesn't do anything. How can I link up a query with a particular schema so that Pycharm can properly check my field and table names?


Please set up SQL resolution scopes and  SQL Dialects - will it help? 


Same issue here : I often need to query 2 differents database (a MySQL one and an SQL Server one) in the same file.
But when I try to associate a schema with a query (via the “Choose schema” dropdown), only the MySQL databases are shown.

How can I associate a schema PER query in the same file ???
Specifying an SQL resolution scope doesn't seem to change anything.

Hi Cedric,

No plans to implement such feature. You need to reattach the connection to a schema in your SQL File if you have 2 or more different databases.