IntelliJ IDEA EduTools plugin support for Flutter/Dart, Angular/TypeScript?

Can we get EduTools support for Flutter and Dart, and Angular and TypeScript?

EduTools tutorials are exactly how I want to learn. I like the IDE split into two panes, with code on the left and the tutorial on the right. I like IntelliJ's suggestions as I code. I like clicking the button to see if my code is correct. I like the button to run the code. I would love to write tutorials for Flutter and Angular using EduTools. 

I hate tutorials that give you code snippets to cut-and-paste and don’t show you the complete code. EduTools shows you the complete code.

I hate tutorials that give you broken code and I spend more time fixing broken code than learning new stuff. EduTools gives you code that runs. Each lesson includes tests to check that the code runs.

I hate video tutorials. I can’t keep my eyes open. Especially that Austrian guy on Udacity who does 12+ hour tutorials. EduTools tutorials can be short or long. The long tutorials are divided into lessons so you can easily find what you need to learn.

I hate free tutorials because there’s no incentive to make them good, or to maintain them or make them better. Can I sell EduTools tutorials in the JetBrains Marketplace (all courses available now are free)?


Unfortunately, Dart/Flutter is not yet supported by EduTools. However, you can upvote the corresponding feature request on YouTrack using the link below: <>.

Sadly, IntelliJ IDEA Edu doesn't support JavaScript, but you can create JavaScript courses in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate:, WebStorm:, or PhpStorm: with the EduTools plugin: installed.

You can also create courses in TypeScript using mentioned IDEs, but the syntax highlighting doesn't work for TypeScript courses with the EduTools plugin.

I would also suggest checking out our projects in the Frontend Developer track: available for free at JetBrains Academy to see how our courses can interact with a browser.