Unresolved variable or type x in angular template name attribute

If I have many inputs in with a name attribute in some angular templates. For example (using primeng components):

<input id="newRecipientFamilyName" name="newRecipientFamilyName"   class="w-100" type="text" pInputText 

The IDE gives a warning:  Unresolved variable or type newRecipientFamilyName 

I get the same warning with a much simpler example:

<input #thing name="thing" type="text"  />

This does not occur for other elements:

<p-radioButton name="anotherThing" ></p-radioButton>

Curiously, if I try to run the suggested "Create Variable thing", I get:
  <input name="private thing;
    thing" type="text"  />

which is clearly not a solution. 

Also, if I create a reference variable of the same name:

<input #thing name="thing" type="text"  />

Then that actually works, but I really don't want to add a bunch of reference variables just to get rid of a mistaken warning.

I have recently upgraded to IntelliJ to 2021.3.2 (Ultimate Edition).  Build #IU-213.6777.52, built on January 27, 2022.  I did an Invalidate Caches, but I still get the same result. 


Any suggestions?




can't reproduce with similar code

Can you repeat the issue in a new Angular CLI project?


I'm running up against a deadline, and will have to get back to you.