404 errors when installing plugin from marketplace because of version code


For some reason, I am unable to download and install my plugin from within IntelliJ, even though downloads from the plugin page work fine:


This URL is confusing since I'm using IntelliJ version "Build #IC-213.7172.25, built on March 15, 2022"

Produces the error message: 

Can't find update for plugin \"me.haroldmartin.replacestringformatwithtemplate\" compatible with build \"IC-201.6668.13\"

Which given the URL parameter I suppose is true since I define:

pluginSinceBuild = 211
pluginUntilBuild = 213.*

I'm not sure what to do here, is there some config I might have missed?


Hi Harold,

It seems to work as expected. I used exactly the same IDEA version:


If the issue still happens, please create an issue in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA as it seems to be a product issue, unrelated to plugin development.

Regarding the plugin functionality, IDEA has such an inspection:

How does your plugin differ? If it actually does something more than built-in inspection, consider creating an issue to extend it (potentially contributing to it) instead of creating and maintaining a separate plugin.


Thanks for the response Karol.

This is very strange, I tried on a different machine and had the same 404 error. I'll go ahead and open a ticket.

re: PS, I only discovered the inspection after I started work on the plugin. For some reason it doesn't show up on >90% of my format calls! I did take a look at the inspection's implementation and it is quite different than mine. I will eventually contribute to it upstream but that is non-trivial work because of the differences. 


Harold Martin was you able to solve this issue? 

Some days ago I have reported an issue with the Plugin Manager using the wrong version when looking for/fetching plugins

Karol Lewandowski the issue is under the hood, what is important here are the logs, because as Harold mentioned, even when using version X, as you can see in the url, there appears a different build number