İnvalid Log Directory for İntelliJ


Hi. I have just upgraded my SSD on Mac Book Pro 2014. After I reinstalled my Mac OS, I had problem using İntelliJ Community facing the message of " Log path '/Users/<username>/Library/Logs/JetBrains/IdealC2022.1 , If you have modified the 'idea.log.path' property please make sure it is correct,


otherwise please re-install the IDE. " " I am using Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.6, When I tried to look at the file that is mentioned, I could not find it. The Only Library file I have is not under the user. it is in the directly Macintosh HD. When I put my old SSD, İntelliJ works fine. But when I back up my all files and put in in my new SSD the problem occurs again. How Can I solve this problem?

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Try installing a separate instance of the IDE onto your new SSD, launch it so that it can create the default IDE directories (logs, configs, etc.), and then if you need specific stuff from your old installation (e.g. custom keymaps or color schemes), you can transfer it manually (just copy the corresponding directories/files over from old installation's config dir to the new one).