Clion Build menu options and Tools-CMake menu grayed out with thin client remote development


I'm trying to set up Clion remote development with thin client setup.

I can't seem to build the project over the remote connection

Over the remote connection, the Build menu options are grayed out and also the Tools - CMake is grayed out.

Client is Windows 10 and remote is VM running Ubuntu 18.04

When I access the project directly on running CLion on the remote server over remote desktop these are accessible and the project builds fine.

The project is using a custom toolchain with specified Environment file (Yocto sdk).

I've tried several ways to connect (all through Gateway):

- Code with me link

- Connect via SSH

- Connect via Gateway link after running


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After fiddling around some time I noticed a notification bar on the top of the screen at the client end stating that CMake file to use has not been selected. I'm pretty sure the notification was not there earlier. Anyway, after selecting the correct CMake file the build started working.

Strange, since I had already selected the CMake file to use on the remote end.