The method deselectNotify() of class FileEditor does not take effect in 'split right' mode in MAC machine


Hello, I am trying to implement a editor with preview by extending com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.TextEditorWithPreview. The editor window gets tow tabs, one for text and another for preview. The preview tab is implemented by JCEF. When I use the 'split right' in the popmenu to open another split editor for the same file. In first editor window , I switched the tab to text. In the later editor window, I swithed the tab to preview(implemted by jcef). The result is that When I switch between two windows, the mouse focus appears on both sides. It seems when I chose first editor window, the selection state of seconde editor window is not canceled. I have implemented the selectNotify() and deselectNotify() method, but it does not work. The problem occurs only on the MAC machine, its is normal on Windows machine.