Path to JAR


Hi everybody,

I have created a configuration to debug my java application.

I added the path to the JAR but it changes with each build of my application.

Indeed, the path of the build is formed like this :


where X.X.X is a version like 2.1.0 and xxxxxxxx is the build date like 20220601, example :


So I have to change this path in my configuration at almost every build.

Is it possible to put variables or characters of type * in the path to the JAR?

If not, do you have another idea ?


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Hi. There is no such possibility to dynamically change the path in run configuration. Do you use Maven or Gradle in project? these build systems support the artifacts output directory customization. See e.g. for Maven:

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We work with Maven but it's a big project with a big team so I can change this setting :D 

But anyway ty for your answer !!