Cannot "Get from VCS" clone git repo on Windows share


The following is a screenshot zeroed in on the popup that briefly displays and then disappears (no error messages) along with any indication that anything had actually been done, putting me into Windows File Name Search wild goose-chase mode trying to figure out what, if anything happened and where it might have put the repo.  Nothing was visible in the destination folder.

I created the git repo from a Linux system on this shared drive and other files I put in the shared drive from that system show up just fine.  The file:\\ URL I constructed by, in Windows Explorer, right-clicking on the repo's foler ->Copy as path and then modifying the resulting string to remove the surrounding quotes and prepending the file:\\.  Not using those modifications on that path string resulted in the cryptic error message:

"Directory already exists and is not empty"

I finally got Pycharm to clone it by modifying the path string to remove the quotes AND appending onto the end of the destination path the name of the repo. 

Does this mean that, unlike git itself, Pycharm's destination directory is taken not as the directory to _contain_ a directory with the same name as the repo, but to be the repo name itself on your system?  If so, this is rather unfriendly to git users -- but is a minor complaint compared to the rest of the difficulties.


Could you please elaborate on what version you are running?