I received a "Welcome to the new UI preview" without subscribing to the new UI preview

I'm mostly asking this because the email requires to manually add a `new_ui_preview.jar` plugin and... it feels shady. I'm on the Fleet mailing list/early access request, maybe that's why I got the email, it makes sense and yes, I want to test the new UI! But it was unexpected.

I just want to give the feedback that this unexpected email asking me to add a `.jar` file to the IDE caught me off guard, my first instinct is "spam!! ransonware alert!!" and maybe that was an accident, I'm sure that's not the experience the Jetbrains team wants. If the email said that "you are on the fleet mail list, that's why you are in!" I would feel safer.


Thank you for the feedback!

We could not find your name in the Fleet waiting list, could it be that you accidentally subscribed to the new UI instead of Fleet?