Break point will exit program


I'm on WIndows 11, with Intellij 2022.1.2 (221.5787.30) and NodeJs 14

On a project, when I set a breakpoint, the program will just exit instead of stopping on the breakpoint (I also tried with the "debugger" instruction, The problem is the same)
- Without breakpoints, the project run fine (including the code where the breakpoint is)
- The breakpoint is a simple breakpoint (no conditions)
- If I put another breakpoint in the same project "earlier" in the source it will work
  (Debugging will work fine until the breakpoint)
- The problem seems specific to the project (My other projects are similar are share a lot of sources)
- Of course I checked the "breakpoint" options :
  [x] enabled
  [x] Suspend execution



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Found it : It was due to NodeJs, I reverted to NodeJs 17.9.1 and it works !!!

Problem seems to appear with NodeJs 18 or higher

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We aren't aware of any issues with Node.js 18+; what version did you try namely? could you try composing a sample it can be reproduced with?

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I tried the latest NodeJs 18.4.0
The problem appears with NodeJs 18.0.0  or higher (no problem with version 17.9.1)
It' going to be very difficult to give a "sample", my code is "embedded" in a lot of other code.

Problem is not on a particular code line, just that after a certain "line", any debug point will not work, I even tried using the "debugger" instruction, the problem is the same.
The code code by itself, is very standard NodeJs code, (no worker threads...)
the problem appears as soon as I enter a method :

i.e the problem appeared when I putted a break point on the start of this method

async wProcessSqlBarsSerieRequest(prOptions)
let vData=prOptions.wData;
let vConnection=prOptions.wConnection;




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As the "debugger" instruction doesn't work either, and downgrading Node helps, this is likely a problem with V8 engine; I'd suggest reporting it to Can be related to

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As I found a work around it's okay for me. Effectively I looked at "issue 43148" and it seems to be case.
Many thanks for you time and your answers. As always they where fast and efficient.