IntelliJ Gradle Memory Usage


I have a gradle project in IntelliJ. If I build the project, a Java application occurs with 3 GB memory in the background. After build, this java app stays in background. I do not run the application. Why is this Java app runs and why it use a lot of memory?

I kill the Java app but it appears after gradle build. Sometimes two java app appears.

After I run the application, really application Java runs with 800 MB memory. I do not have a lot of memory and I do not want to this 3 gb Java app for gradle build. How can I prevent occuring that?

I use Intellij Ultimate 2021.3.2 in Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.928.

These are settings:


Intellij Memory Usage report:
=============== ANALYSIS INFORMATION ==============
Prepare files duration: 21.51 s
Analysis duration: 36.60 s
Temp files:
  heapdump = 869M
  id-mapping = 177M
  auxOffset = 44.5M
  aux = 325M
  parents = 44.5M
  sizes = 44.5M
  visited = 44.5M
  refIndex = 11.1M
Projects open: 1
Project 1:
  Module count: 196
  Editors opened: 1. Counts by type:
   * 1 com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.text.PsiAwareTextEditorImpl[com.intellij.ide.highlighter.JavaFileType]

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Do you face the same issue with some sample project?

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I created a hello world project and about 100 mb java app is created after run hello world then it didn't disappear. 

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IDE does not specifically manage Gradle daemons lifecycle. It is a Gradle's responsibility. Gradle daemons are not shut immediately to be able to reuse them quickly. You can use IDEA grade daemons dialog to close unneeded processes manually: press Ctrl+Alt+A -> type Show Gradle Daemons -> Press Stop All (or stop only selected)