Creating a plugin that uses the existing maven plugin


I'm trying to create a plugin for intelij that benefits from the already existing Maven plugin.

What i'm trying to do is creating a new Module Type so i can create a project based on a specifi maven archetype. I know that intellij already does it but i'm having dificulties on finding the extension point that could help me with this. I found the list of extension points and the Maven Artifact Builder seems to be what i'm looking for but when i click on it says there is no plugin.

Any ideia how can i use the existing maven plugin to generate my archetype on my Module Type?

I'm using Build #IU-221.5787.30 and intelij plugin version 1.6.0

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Could you please clarify your case?

Do you need to generate a project with a Maven archetype, or delegate the artifact (e.g. project executable) build to Maven?

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Hello Karol, Sure.

I created a Module Type , lets call it starter. It's sole purpose is to create a maven project based on a specific maven archetype. Now, i would like to understand if and how, from my module type, i can delegate the archetype creation to the existing maven plugin inside intellij, since it already does this kind of project creation. Hope it's more clear now.