IntelliJ won't start anymore


Hi everybody,

I wanted to get rid of the recently opened projects and therefore I set the value regarding this option in the settings to 1. After that, IntelliJ won't start anymore. I've tried to reinstall the IDEA - no change. I deinstalled all JetBrains IDEs plus the ToolBox and deleted all I've found about JetBrains from my system. Then I've installed the IDEA clean without ToolBox. Unfortunately, nothing helped.

The IDEA ist still not starting. The starting screen (Logo) splashes onto the Desktop, all 4 cpu cores are going high for a few seconds, and then one core remains staying high. That's it. The only way to shut the IDEA down from here ist to use the task manager.

Any idea what I can do, what I have to delete additionally or to tweak to this thing up and running again? I've tinkered the last two hours with a problem that never should happen. A clean install still helped, but unfortunately not with IntelliJ. That's more than just annoying, if you are depending on a software, but the software doesn't want you to spare your nerves...

Btw, this is what you get trying to start the IDEA using CLI (stuck as well):
C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1.2\bin>idea.bat
2022-06-21 19:07:47,486 [   1547]   WARN - #c.i.n.i.NotificationGroupManagerImpl
 - Notification group CodeWithMe is already registered (group=com.intellij.notif
ication.NotificationGroup@1b90b31c). Plugin descriptor: PluginDescriptor(name=Co
de With Me, id=com.jetbrains.codeWithMe, descriptorPath=plugin.xml, path=C:\Prog
ram Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1.2\plugins\cwm-plugin, version=221.5787.
30, package=null, isBundled=true)

And last but not least: I've also used the included repair.exe tool, with no success.

I'm pretty frustrated at the moment, so I'd appreciate any help.

IntelliJ 2022.1.2.0, Windows7

Many thanks, Slevin

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Well, after almost 3 hours spending on a problem that should never occur, I cleaned my system again and installed an old version of IDEA (2021.2.4). This worked, and an update afterwards completed successfully as well. Again, coders don't have hours of time to get their working tools running - especially not, when licencing prices are that high...

Cheers, Slevin

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Windows 7 is reached its End Of Life. That is why we are not optimizing our tools for this platform and unpredicted errors may occur.