install scapy in pycharm


I cannot install scapy in pccharm. I get this error when I try to add a package.

i tried to change internet provider, uninstall antivirus, change proxy settings. Tried installing on windows and kali via virtualBox.

Can I install this library in a different way. For example, download and install from the command line? I want to install scaps in the pycharm in the feces.



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Hi, please try installing a package from the terminal using `pip install <package_name>`

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Hi Chmieluzg,

I recently struggled with scapy and found you have to ensure the path of scapy and python are both correct. Then many instances of python depending upon your install need to be done before you look at the python 'Available Packages' as there are tens of thousands of python pip files so they don't all load by default. 

python3 -m pip install scapy

One method I've almost always found that works well is to first install a new package in a juypter notebook and install it there as shown below.

!pip3 install scapy

Finally you can almost always go to the source of it at GitHub.


1. git clone
2. cd scapy
3. ./run_scapy