Problem with my Github association in Intellij


Hi! Hope this is the place where I can find a solution to my problem.

I linked for the first time my Github account to Intellij to make easier the commits and pulls. When I did my commit it asked me to complete with my Github user and I suppose the next field was my mail, but I completed everything quickly so I didn't read what was asking then. In the second field I putted my password and finally accepted that window. After that, I was able to make my commit. Now the problem is that I can see that second field every time I make my commits inside Intellij and, what's more, is that I'm working in this project with some classmates and they are also able to see the password I wrote as my email. I'm guessing that it was the email what was asked me because when I see the changes from my classmates, where I see my password I see their mails.

I hope I had explained well my problem. I already removed my Github from Intellij, but it still shows me my user <password>. I haven't found how to change that from Intellij. Is it possible to change how I registered my Github from Intellij?

I'm attaching a photo where what's crossed out between < > it's the password I'm talking about

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Hello Fmagnecolque

You experience such an issue due to password being entered in "" in git config
In order to fix it, you need to run `git config --global ""`