reformat mybatis xml file not working


i write mybatis sql in xml file eg:

reformat file is very well , but when is use <if> tags it not working eg:

how can i reformat sql that contain mybatis tags


Do you use any MyBatis plugin? Seems reformating should be covered by the plugin in use. 

Is it possible to share sample project example for investigation?


Thank you for reply , i didn't use any MyBatis plugin , for confirm question i reinstall idea 2022.1.3 , when i write sql in xml file i just use Code -> Reformat Code to reformat my sql .


Is it possible to share a sample project (archive with .xml file and .idea folder included) for reproducing that?


Of course , i upload to google ,  click this link can download my demo project , thank you very much.


Filed the bug request for this. 

Here is a related issue on YouTrack

Feel free to watch it in order to be notified once it has updates. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.