How can I specify the context of triple quoted strings in PyCharm?


As of PyCharm 2022, if you have a triple quoted string containing a SQL query, PyCharm detects the context/intent of the string, and provides contextual support (syntax highlight and other stuff).

What I'd like to do is help PyCharm know that a triple quoted string contains, specifically in this case, a GraphQL query. Ideally, it'd provide all the help it does when working in `.graphql` files (with configuration for data sources and all), but at a minimum, offering GraphQL syntax highlight would be helpful.

Is there a way to do this today?

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Hi, there's a few steps you can take:

1. First, make sure to install the GraphQL plugin.

2. Select the string in the quotes > Alt/Opt+Enter > Inject language > GraphQL

3. [OPTIONAL] Go to "Preferences | Editor | Language Injections" and disable python SQL injections so they are not recognized automatically. Also, you can add your own custom GraphQL injection, but it requires some pattern editing.

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Very nicely done. Thanks. Works great!