CLion Layout Messed Up



I cannot see the main menu anymore. The one where it says "files" and then you can select a new project etc. Among others that I simply cannot enable anymore.

I tried looking through the settings and none of them re-enable it, from what I can tell.

I am running Pop_OS! And installed CLion through Toolbox from JetBrains Toolbox download

I have tried deleting the .idea folder in my project. I tried reinstalling CLion through Toolbox. I tried reinstalling CLion by reinstalling Toolbox. And none of it works. How do I re-enable the main menu?




Please open the Search everywhere window (press Shift twice), select `Actions` and look for `Restore Default Settings`. Does restoring the defaults help?


Thanks for the insight! I can use that to access the main menu with the keyboard. However, I was able to solve it with assign a shortcut (editor keymaps) to the main menu visibility option.