MySQL performance_schema query stats


I'm evaluating DataGrip and in general I like a lot of the direction I'm seeing, but there's one sticking point. I'm not finding much info/docs/anything really on if its possible to return the stats from performance_schema along with the query results. I'm coming from MySQL Workbench and having the stats is one major feature in tuning / inspecting mysql queries. I'm surprised I'm not seeing any plugins either to cover this. I normally just leave Collect Performance Schema Stats on in workbench so the extra output tabs are there as most of the time I'm doing performance analysis / testing. I'm fine if it was bundled with Explain Analyze as that would separate general query run vs get performance data.

Is there available and I've just missed finding where to enable it?


There is only Explain plan and query execution time available for now

I created feature request at YouTrack:

Please follow it for updates.